Bookkeeping & Payroll

What we can do for your company:

Whether you have a shoe box full of receipts, an organized pile of receipts or an online database of files, we work with it all to get your bookkeeping up to date and correct. We handle full cycle bookkeeping which can include sorting of receipts/paperwork, all data entry, accounts receivables/payables, reconciliations, GST/HST filings and remittances, WSIB filings and remittances, payroll remittance and on-going reviews. Furthermore, we can even offer full cycle payroll which includes processing weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payroll, remittance processing, remittance reminders, year end reconciliations and payroll filing.

Are you behind in your bookkeeping and aren’t compliant with CRA requirements? We specialize in catch up bookkeeping and we understand how to negotiate with CRA to allow more time for filing and reduce risks of an audit. Come see us so we can get your work up to date and filed and put you on a recurring plan to ensure you never fall behind again.

Why choose us for bookkeeping and payroll:

Done Properly the First Time

We have quality control procedures put into place to ensure we complete your work right, from the very start. As business owners, you cannot make timely decisions and prepare for growth if you don’t have the right financials and accuracy in your books.

Punctual Services

We provide quick turnarounds for clients files. If you require monthly financial reports to review your company’s performance, you need timely financial reports.


It is our duty to remain professional in all the work we do. At Lorex Solutions, we have the skills and the capabilities to assist clients in all their needs. Even if you need assistance beyond accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and incorporations, we have a wide network of professionals we can refer you too.

Experience in Many Industries

With experience in over 15 industries, we can certainly work well with your company. After all, its the trust we built with our clients that has allowed us to work in many fields.

On-Going Advisory & Consulting

We don’t believe in focusing on completing work. We take it upon ourselves to consistently provide consulting services and advise to our clients as we complete their monthly (or quarterly/annual) books. Clients appreciate this as they know they are receiving the attention needed when there books are being completed.

Always Accessible

We’ve heard it many times, that clients had poor experiences with their previous accountants where they don’t get responses or they receive delayed responses. With Lorex Solutions, it is a guarantee we reply to emails, phone calls and even text messages in a punctual and timely manner. We believe its important for clients to have a sense of security when dealing with their accountants. It’s your right to have a trustworthy accountant by your side at all times.


One of our top compliments from clients is how well we accommodate their needs. Whether its our pick up/drop off document services, after hours meetings, or the extra steps taken to make clients happy, we are content to go above and beyond to assist our clients.

Tailored Services

Each client has different needs, demands and situations. This is why we feel obligated to provide each client a service tailored to his/her needs to ensure they are comfortable.

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