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Corporate T2 & Notice to Reader Financial Statement

Corporate taxes are our specialty. We break everything down into simple terms, so that you may understand everything we are doing. We believe the preparation of taxes should include the client as much as it includes the accountant. You shouldn’t have a headache when it comes to finalizing year end. At Lorex Solutions, we make the process easy, we explain the details, we constantly make recommendations and you can expect expert advice. Whether you need us to compile your financials and add up the numbers, or if you have everything prepared, we can action your corporate tax and notice to reader financial statements.

Our services are tailored to all clients. If you work with paper based systems, or have electronic versions, we accommodate all. Many of our clients are outside the Ottawa region and continue to use our services on a regular basis because they enjoy the flexibility and how well versed we are at dealing with electronic based systems.

Services Offered:

    • Corporate T2 Tax
  • Notice to Reader Financial Statements
  • Year Over Year Financial Statement Review
  • Previous Year Tax Review
  • Comparative Reviews
  • T5 Preparation


If you need personal taxes, self-employed taxes or taxes for rental properties, you came to the right place. As a team, we bring over 25 years of tax experience dealing with many scenarios and provide consulting on a wide variety of issues. We constantly think outside the box and offer recommendations to benefit the client. This is why our clients trust that we do quality work and offer timely services. Our #1 goal is to save clients taxes and we take it serious upon ourselves to look at the big picture, in hopes to generate different ideas and help them save on taxes.

We even took completing taxes to a new level. Clients don’t dread having to compile and book meetings to have their taxes complete. We have a simple process which allows you to share your files with us from the comfort of your home or work, and have us do the number crunching for you. With this process, we are gaining many clients who now refuse to do their own taxes and come to us! It’s that easy and pleasant!

Services Offered:

  • Basic Income Tax Returns
  • Self-Employed Income Tax Returns
  • Real Estate Rental Tax Returns
  • Foreign Property Ownership Tax Returns
  • Financials/Receipts Compilation & Adding Up


Financials play a huge role in evaluating a businesses current position and determining future expansion or direction. With many industries specialized in, we can evaluate the financials of your business and provide reports, ratios and analysis to help you achieve your goals. Our services include looking over your financials on a monthly or quarterly basis and providing advice, reviewing the financials of a business you are seeking to invest/purchase, as well as creating a process analysis to evaluate different aspects of the company and cash flow. As a business owner, you should be able to make timely and efficient business decisions. That’s why we are here to help. We offer punctual work done right the first time, to enable you to make important conclusions.

Services Offered:

  • Monthly or Quarterly Financial Reporting
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Budgeting Reports
  • Financial Analysis & Forecasting
  • Internal Controls Procedures Review
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Expense Review & Reduction Consulting
  • Consulting Services

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